Rather than talk about myself, I’ll let others do that for me – some  nice things people have said….


Ben Coverdale
Creative Director, March One Advertising

My name is Ben Coverdale, I am the Creative Director of March One Advertising. I have had the pleasure of working with Rebecca Irvine for the past 11 months and am happy to write this recommendation for her. She is indeed fantastic.

First and foremost, Bec is great at what she does. She has a unique eye for design and art direction. She happily works on everything from brochures, to websites, to billboards, banners and online content. She simply jumps in and gets the job done well – sans the ego.

Bec is inquisitive, empathetic, honest and funny – a combination all too rare in advertising. She works well on her own and in a team. And, most importantly, you can rely on her.

I worked in the Brissie Advertising scene for six years before moving to Sydney. I know Bec will thrive there. A North Queenslander herself, she understands the culture. She knows the people. And she will make any agency she works with proud – yours included.

Good Luck,
Ben Coverdale

PS. Feel free to call me on 0431 560 177 with any follow up questions.


Mitch King
Recruitment Consultant – Freelance/Temps at Become Sydney

Bec has freelanced for me and become for 4 years and I don’t think I’ve had another designer have such consistently good feedback with so many different studios over such a long period. Not only was the feedback on her design skills and technical ability always high, everyone just loves having her around. Bec is versatile, not at all precious, talented and a pleasure to work with.

I’d recommend Bec to any studio or agency without hesitation.