developed for Blackadder Recruitment for We Have Colour

The Blackadder Recruitment Company were looking for a rebrand. As an established company since 1999, there was 13 years of recognition associated with the brand.

This rebrand was initiated to solve two branding issues 1; due to the age of the logo it had a dated look and feel that needed to be addressed and 2; the logo did not clearly state the nature of the business.

I addressed the first issue very carefully, as the original logo had such a long life, 13 years, the branding was cemented quite heavily within the employment industry. Choosing a clean font which resembled the same shape and stroke weight as the original logo meant the brand recognition was not lost yet the clean lines of the new typeface meant the updated logo has a clean, modern look and feel. The colour was also updated slightly to a brighter purple to help aid in the modern look and feel.

The second branding issue, of not clearly stating the nature of the business, was addressed simply by adding the word ‘Recruitment’ under Blackadder. As both clients and candidates of the business refer to the company as ‘Blackadder’, I was careful to keep the business name the most predominate feature of the logo and treating the word ‘Recruitment’ as secondary. The tag line ‘The Best Candidate Everytime’ has not lost, being included in the marketing material yet not existing directly under the logo.

  • Client - Blackadder Recruitment for We Have Colour