Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it – Dali.

Since I’ve been thinking more and more about my art lately, and what exactly I want to create, I realised I completely forgot about an artist I loved growing up – Dali! Lots of my school and uni paintings were based off surrealism. It’s funny (kind of more scary…) how you can forget what you loved as a kid when adult life takes over and you become ‘responsible’.

I recently went the Creative Mornings Brisbane talk about Wander and Bonnie Hislop nailed her talk. I think hearing Bonnies view on keeping a ‘child like wander’ alive in your adult life, seeded a creative gem in my mind that has been growing ever since. 🤗🧠💡🌱🌦🌈🥰

Also after remembering my love for Dali, and googling pictures of him, it turns out he not only gives great advice but appears to have been quite the fashionista too.

Bec  🙂


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