How to create brand personality

Your ‘brand personality’ is probably a term you’ve heard quite a bit, I believe that when you run a small businesses that brand personality, that essence, that feeling, is easier to achieve.

More often than not (as a small business) your own personality is extended out into your brand. Your own personal values and beliefs become that of your business. I think that’s awesome. That’s personal. That’s attention to detail. That’s care. Bigger corporates strive for that emotional connection with their audience, and small businesses tend to achieve that without trying too hard.

So how do you achieve that brand personality, for a large or small business? How do you build a brand that will create an emotional connection with your audience and in turn make them want to do business with you? My number tip is to be authentic. We all have a very high B.S. meter these days, if you be authentic, explain your product or service to your target market as you would a friend, then I think that’s a very good start.

Bec 🙂

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