How to Define Your Style.

I have been working on my style for just over a year now, by that I mean purposely creating work as often as I can and each time trying to improve upon what I didn’t like and doing more of what I did like.

I love to work in vector, I love the versatility of it. I love that you can infinitely scale a design and change colours with ease – what I don’t like about it is the lack of texture.

I know some very clever clogs out there, are very good at adding texture to vector illustrations, but for me it stresses me out. I add texture then I have a thousand million points and my file starts to go slow, my brain does a little explosion then I clean it all up again!

Right now I’m doing Folio Focus with Rise Design and Shine and it’s getting me to draw outside of what I normally would and shock horror – not use Illustrator for the ENTIRE illustration.

The latest brief was to create a children’s wall chart with a farm theme. Now, the children’s market AND wall art… for me I have it in my head that when it comes to children illustrations (that are destined for the wall or in books) I want it to feel hand drawn. I’m not sure why I have this belief in my head, but there you go, it’s there. So, my challenge – How do I create a children’s illustration to feel hand drawn yet still be vector? Well the answer is…. I didn’t. I drew it in Adobe Draw then moved to Illustrator then had that feeling in the pit of my stomach that said ‘you’re not finished, work it up some more’. So I created a jpg of my vector illustration, moved it into ProCreate, redrew it, added texture and wooo hooo!!! I liked what I saw. Will I use this method all the time? I’m not sure, but I defiantly like the result I got.

So how do you define your style? Well I’m not sure anyone really has a straight forward answer to this question, but I do know the more work you do, the more you evolve and the faster you’ll get to that pinnacle moment of having a defined style **cue angles humming and doves flying into the distance**


Childrens wall chart illustration worked up in Pro Create
The original vector illustration. Normally I would leave it at this but felt like I really wanted to add more texture this time.

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