How to make your brand fit it yet stand out

This is becoming increasingly hard. Social media is great for connecting us, but it also means we can not only see what our direct competitors are doing but also what similar businesses all over the world are doing!

This can be a good thing though, you can leverage off the brand recognition of more established businesses in your niche and design your own look to fit in that same space, but how do you fit in but stand out at the same time?

This is the tricky part and why the cost of branding can add up, there are a lot of moving parts. You want to tell a simple yet comprehensive story, appear to ‘fit in’ yet stand out at the same time.

A good designer knows how to do this subconsciously I think, it’s the creative process, to fill your brain with all the information it needs then let it all go and simply create.

I can’t put into words how to create a visual identity that fits in yet stands out. I just #TrustTheProcess 🧠💡😬😳🤨🤯😤🤪😬😆🥰🥳🤩😎🤓

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