You may find that you’ve been in business for a while and now feel you’re ready to invest in professional graphic design services. We Have Colour approaches branding on a wholistic level, taking into consideration not only the service you offer but also the feeling you want your clients/customers to have when they interact with your brand.


The roll out of creative campaigns and marketing material are also part of what We Have Colour offers. If you work in marketing and need polished, well designed promotional material, get in touch today - your designer unicorn awaits...

Below is a quick look at the process when you work with We Have Colour.


Begin by simply sending an email explaining what you’re after. This starts a conversation. If you’re happy with what’s being said and agree to proceed, you will receive an Estimate and a Client Service Agreement. Once reviewed and approved, a deposit will be paid and we’re good to go!

2. Work begins.

The magic happens. Once the first draft has been made, you will be emailed your work to review. You then make any changes (typically three rounds of changes are included in the initial estimate) and we work together to complete the job.

3. Approval.

You say 'yes!' (But only after you've checked, double checked and TRIPLE checked your work, yes mistakes can be missed!) #wereinthistogether. Once approved, you will be sent your final invoice, then once paid, you will get your hot little hands on your final files.

4. We’re done!

And the job is complete! Simples.

Stay safe, be healthy and keep creative during this uncertain time. We Have Colour is still in operation. Get in touch if you’d like some work done :)

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