Perks from working from home

There are many perks when it comes to working from home – there is zero travel time to and from work, I have the flexibility to pick up my girls from day care at at time that suits our family, but perhaps the biggest perk I’ve found happened recently and it’s when I became ill. For some unexplained reason I got Ross River Virus – a mosiquito born virus which usually effects people in tropical climates…. not South East Queensland. Long story short, the virus was rough and my body reacted with a delightful break out of spots all over my skin. Once the virus passed I felt much better and able to sit at computer, draw, reply to emails, take on briefs again, however I do still have very spotty skin. I am experiencing a brand new perk when it comes to working from home this month – when one is covered in spots there is no need to cover up from peering co-workers eyes. Let those spots fly free!

Bec 🙂

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