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Today I opened up my email and saw a very welcome email from Muzeli. There was a shiny new link that led to a site dedicated to the life of Andy Warhol. The image of a Roy Lichtenstein reproduction I did (see above👆) popped into my head and I remembered how much I loved both artists while I was at uni.

Both artists forged Pop Culture for us all, created bright, bold, BIG things. I love how back in those uni days the idea of deadlines was non existent, I took my time and really enjoyed painting this reproduction. I mean there were assignments but that’s not a deadline. ‘Here’s the brief, you have 2 hours to get it back to me’ is a deadline #workworkwork

This artwork is big. Like 1.5m x 1.5m. Those dots on her face were done with a cotton bud (from memory.. I think! Uni was a long time ago 🤪). Painting something so large today would be a lovely luxury. Maybe if we’re all forced to self isolate for an extended period of time I should stock up on art supplies🤔.

It’s strange how something that inspired us so profoundly can be forgotten as adult life takes over and responsibility becomes king – what have you forgotten that you loved to do so much? I must make time to sit still, remember and go back to those things I love and that bring me joy. #thatgotdeep #doit #dowhatyoulove


If you’d like to check out the Andy Warhol link I saw this morning it’s here – and was created by a very talented UI/UX designer @kra.vetz


Bec 😃


roy lichtenstein

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Stay safe, be healthy and keep creative during this uncertain time. We Have Colour is still in operation. Get in touch if you’d like some work done :)

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