Kablooie Store

I think working on this project was the most fun I’ve had. Ever.

Kablooie is a slow handmade fashion label offering quirky fun fashion for women. They offer patterns and designs that are larger than life, designed to be noticed and catering for women sized 4 – 24. Kablooie makes clothes that make you bone deep happy.

I was bone deep happy when I was approached by Kablooie founder, Keneena to help with re-branding her beautiful business. When Keneena came to me, her branding was in it’s first generation and no longer matched the professional service and products she was offering her customers. It was colourful and fun, but lacked that professional feel.

We met, we laughed, we outlined the brief and I set to work on creating a brand not only she loved but her customers loved too. In a record short time we nailed the logo, rolled out the branding and Keneena unveiled her new look to her nearly 20k instagram following. Boy did I get the warm and fuzzies reading all the reactions to Kablooies new brand.

Thank you Keneena for choosing me to do you branding, I had so much fun x

If you’d like to buy an amazingly super cool dress from Kablooie, then head over to their website or instagram.