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I have a top level idea floating about in my head this morning and it’s regarding the Circular Economy. I read/listened to the Fjord trend report over the weekend (I went to the The Design Conference last week and Fjords Design and Creative Director, Pru Jones was gifting the Fjord trend report to a lucky conference attendee. A trend report for free?! As soon as I came home, I jumped online and read/listened to what Fjord had to say)  it was the Circular Economy trend that fascinated me. It predicted brands that embrace and actively work towards ie implement strategies today that create a circular economy, will be the brands that thrive in the future.

My understanding of it all, is that we predominately exist is a linear economy right now; raw materials > produce > use > waste. The circular economy has a stronger focus on the design stage (designing products with a longer lifespan, using more sustainable material etc) to avoid that waste part of the equation; design > produce > use > repair/recycle > repeat. That is my layman’s understanding of the it all. If you google ‘circular economy’ you will find loads of information. I’m sure my little scamp above and below, over simplifies the process but you get the idea.

I find it fascinating and exciting that this is a trend that may very well become our future and that brands (I’m talking big brands, the major players) that pave the way for this new economy will be the ones that thrive.

On a grass roots level I see this happening, small business opting for recyclable and reusable packaging. Larger items I’ve ordered online have come with biodegradable packing peanuts that dissolve in water. It’s awesome!

If we look to the future it can be scary sometimes, but there are some truly fascinating people out there working towards a brighter future for us all. #mondaybranding #gettingdeep #sendinglove #wereinthistogether

Bec 🙂

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