You Do You – in Branding and in life

This is something I had in mind while I was designing my latest pattern collection. I wanted to be aware of the trends but not follow them necessarily. I wanted to completely ‘do me’, to let myself and my personality really shine through in my work.

I think this is true in branding too. As a business you have to ‘do you’. How else will you communicate your single minded proposition to your intended audience? Clients and customers acknowledge and return to brands for a reason. It could be that they like the quality of the product, the level of service they receive, or the fact that they know they are supporting a real person and/or charity when they buy from you.

You have to ‘do you’, if you don’t, your brand messaging will seem confusing and when a client/customer is confused, they will most likely walk. Find out what makes your brand unique, work out what you stand for and why you provide the service that you do or product that you sell. Once you really know who you are, then others will too – you do you.

Bec 🙂

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