Your Brand Needs a Story

Think of your brand communication as a story. Chapter 1 is your logo – the first thing people see. Chapter 2 might be your IG account, where people get to know a little more. Chapter 3 is perhaps your website, a little more info is given etc etc you’re catching my drift now.

Let’s stick with this analogy. So you’re writing a book… your book may be heavily text driven or it could be filled with amazing pictures and graphics – it all depends on the story you’re telling right?

Through all your communication you’re telling a story and that’s incredibly important because it’s how your customer or clients gets to know more about your product or service. Your logo is the part at the beginning, it’s the start of your story, and it’s pretty important because if people don’t like it then they might not read any further and this wonderful book you’ve written will just sit on the shelf.

So my point (yes there is one) as always, is that when it comes to the visual part of your branding, your logo is important but so it the rest of that lovely big book, don’t forget about the other chapters! #LetsDoThis #WereInThisTogether

Bec 🙂

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