Lamb Ad 2021 is nothing but brilliant.

The combo that is Meat and Livestock Australia and The Monkeys is bang on.


My personal highlights in the detail;

  • Big Wall Grocery
  • Further delays to NBN rollout
  • Wall you need is love
  • Ominous lamb chop creeping through the wall
  • Budgie smugglers head
  • Influencer catastrophe
  • Doppelganger NSW/QLD mum and kid
  • Tasmanian awesome foursome (with special mention to crazy eyes)
  • ANDDDD the ‘b’ on ‘lamb’ is a lamb chop ?


This type of storytelling is the pinnacle of brand communication.

You want to watch it over and over again, it makes you feel good AND I dare say you might just buy some lamb next time you’re strolling down the meat aisle.


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