Campaign Creative – Cancer Council NSW Thankyou Promotion


Thankyou campaign created for Cancer Council NSW while working with March One Advertising.

The brief here was to simply thank donators for all their generous contributions and show them how their support has impacted children with cancer.

One of the things children are robbed of when dealing with this illness is playtime. I came up with idea to show supporters that their donations have given playtime back.

The idea was pitched alongside the account service director and managing director, widely accepted by the client and quickly moved into production. A photoshoot was arranged, a flight interstate was taken to meet with the three brave little cancer fighters, dressed them in their favourite playtime outfits and had a very fun day directing a very important photo shoot.

Once images where chosen, I designed and layed out all campaign material which was then sent out to all donators to simply thank them for helping such beautiful little people.


I just received the brochure and cards in the mail about the kids being able to play again. This is absolutely the most beautiful mail I have ever received. Thank you and how do I increase my donations?

It is wonderful to know we are helping some how. We are all impacted by loss with the effects of cancer.

Anonymous Donator

Sent via email from Cancer Council NSW