Branding – GYROstream


Logo development, marketing material and brand guidelines for Australias newest music distribution company.

GYROstream, an anagram for Get Your Record Out, is Australia’s newest digital music distribution company. Helping indie acts with vinyl production, sync, publicity, grant writing, entertainment insurance and the big ones, getting their music onto streaming giants like Spofity an Apple Music (plus many more!).

When coming up with a look and feel for this brand I wanted to create something fluid, something seamless to mimic the flow of music GYROstream has to offer, while also creating a nod to the ‘streaming’ aspect of the business. A linked ‘G’ and ’S’ were designed along with a blended colour pallet to represent these business offerings.

As the business has this ‘fluid’ element to it, I wanted the colour pallet to be fluid also. Drawing inspiration from gig lights and the various colours they cast, a bright colour pallet of blended hues was chosen. The brand colours are not stagnant, they are designed to change and adapt to the content and mood the brand wants to set.

Working with Bec was easy. Her understanding of branding, what we needed and what our target market liked, matched up perfectly. Can’t wait to work with her again.