The world is changing, that is undeniable. And so is business.

Profits have been the defining metric of success to date. The more money a company makes the more successful – does this measure still stand?


What do consumers want? Do they want to buy the cheapest thing or would they prefer to spend their money on a product that lasts or a service that cares? Sustainability and longevity are fast becoming a valued metric to determine a company’s success.

With COVID-19 spreading quickly, it’s highlighted what each of us, as individuals, need to do to help those around us. Wash your hands, stay home, keep your distance – a simple set of rules that will help make all the difference to the vulnerable around us.

The realisation that our own actions can make such a big difference is filtering down into our buying choices. We care more, we want to do more, we know our actions make a difference.

We are experiencing a re evaluation of purpose, from not only profits being a driving factor in success, but sustainably also. Profits are essential, but how those profits are made are becoming more and more important.


So how does your brand personality tie into all this?

We want to know more.

We want to know more about you, about your business, about your company, about how you care, about what you are doing to contribute to a more sustainable planet, about how you plan to help society.


We no longer want to support companies with only profits in mind. We want insight into how your profits are made, how do you treat your workers, how environmentally conscious your business is. This is not about giving away all your trade secrets, it’s about opening the door a fraction and letting us know how you are doing ‘your bit’.


Those who embrace and acknowledge the impact their business has on the rest of society will emerge as winners, and those who tell us all about it will win the heart of their consumers.

Aiming to educate and inspire through design and creativity.